Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Relief

This new device revolutionizes the treatment of CTS. 

Wrist-Aid is a novel unobtrusive and non-invasive device designed to relieve symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome. Unlike bulky splints or braces, which merely prevent further nerve trauma by restricting your hand in a neutral position, Wrist-Aid actively works to decompress your median nerve while giving you full range of motion. Exciting results from a recent clinical study showed significant reductions in symptoms and high comfort ratings.



Ready to be free of wrist pain?

Wrist-Aid is a simple unobtrusive device that sticks to the underside of your wrist. The device aims to open up space for your median nerve, thus reducing compression and irritation.


Standard Brace vs. Wrist-Aid

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a condition where your median nerve is chronically compressed, which leads to pain, weakness, tingling, and other symptoms in the areas of your hand supplied by the median nerve.